ELVIRA is an evolutionary art program that together with a human user generates digital art. ELIVRA generates images, the user selects which ones they prefer and if they’d like the images to be crossbred or mutated, and EVLIRA randomly selects new images from the chosen set to crossbreed or mutate. The cycle continues with the new set of generated images.

Digital Art

Evolutionary Procedural 2D Map Generation

This system uses search-based procedural content generation to assist designers in creating 2D maps for video games. The system uses one of two methods: novelty search or multi-objective optimisation. In both cases, the designer sketches the map, and the system generates new 2D maps. The maps evolve based on designer input.

Game Design


Evolver is an interactive evolutionary art tool that helps designers create new designs. The designer provides a seed image that the system then uses to generate a selection of new images. The designer chooses what images they prefer while also setting constraints such as colour scheme, and Evolver uses that information to evolve a new set of images.

Decorative Arts, Digital Art

Filter Trouve

Filter Trouve assists an artist in creating and selecting image filters. The artist first selects what image they’d like to find a filter for. The system generates a set of 24 filters that the user can try out on their image. The user selects the filters they like, and the system generates a new set of 24 filters based on the user’s preferences.

Digital Art, Photography


Facade is a computer game that allows the user to interact with characters as a member of the virtual drama. The user can input their own text to influence the characters, creating a unique drama for each user. After the game is complete, the user can print a script of the resulting drama.

Game Design, Storytelling/Narrative

Funky Ikebana

Funky Ikebana generates digital flowers that evolve based on a user’s preferences. The user selects the flowers they like based on appearance and movement and Funky Ikebana evolves a new set of flowers based on the user’s favourites.

Digital Art


GAIA is a CAD-like environment where game designers can experiment with designs of game-playing agents. The designer inputs an agent model, and GAIA creates the agent. The designers can observe how the agent interacts in the game world and make adjustments, while the system may alter the agent to ensure it can successfully accomplish its goals and interact with the environment.

Game Design, Storytelling/Narrative


GeNotator is a MIDI application used by composers to evolve music. GeNotator uses evolutionary algorithms to generate interesting music based on parameters set by the composer. The user controls ‘such factors as population size, mutation likelihood and designating which parents partake in breeding. By auditioning and scoring phenotypes, the user exerts influence on the direction the evolutionary process follows.’



3Buddy is a game level design system. The GUI interface allows a game designer to visualise and set constraints for a level. Each time the designer saves the dungeon layout, 3Buddy provides suggested changes to the design by using colour indicators.

Game Design