AceTalk is a presentation planning system that brainstorms with users to explore engaging presentation structures and content. AceTalk is a PowerPoint add-in with a virtual assistant that motivates and guides the user through a brainstorming process while also generating slides.



BeatBender helps musicians create unique and aesthetically-pleasing beats. The musician sets constraints that direct six computer percussionists, who in turn influence each other to create a new beat.



Chor-rn generates new dance moves based on the style of a human choreographer. The system is trained on dance moves of a particular choreographer. To use the system to generate new moves, the choreographer choreographs a dance sequence, and Chor-rn produces a new sequence in response.


Cillr / Wevva

Wevva is a fluidic game system that combines game play and game design. A game designer uses the Wevva designer interface to control constraints related to game play, like level difficulty and placement of sprites. Wevva’s AI player guides the designer by providing suggestions throughout the design process and can also generate entire game levels.

Game Design


Clap-along is an interactive system that allows a human musician and the computer to create a rhythmic duet. Both the human and the computer simultaneously play a 4-bar clapping pattern. They negotiate with each other like in an improvised performance, continually responding to the other agent’s music by adjusting their own.

Music, Theatre/Performance


Cochoreo is a system that generates dance movements for a choreographer, who evaluates and influences the generated dance moves according to their preferences. Cochoreo uses the idanceForms user interface to allow the choreographer to influence the generation iteratively throughout the choreographic process.



combinFormation is a system that assists creators with the process of information discovery. A human user seeds the system with web searches, and the system downloads images from the web and creates a visual composition. The user explores the search results, takes notes, finds new information, and re-arranges the composition; combinFormation’s generative algorithms learn from the user and adjust the composition and search results accordingly.

Digital Art, Graphic Design


The Continuator is a music generation system that ‘is able to learn and generate music in any style, either in standalone mode, as continuations of musician’s input, or as interactive improvisation back up.’ The musician inputs music, and the system generates new music in the same style.

Music, Theatre/Performance