JamBot provides accompaniment for a musician on an improvised musical score. JamBot listens to a musician’s audio stream and plays along with them.


Kill the Dragon and Rescue the Princess

‘This system generates stories. The human user configures the story files, XML files that contain the characters, locations, and objects in the story world.Once the human has written the configuration files, the system produces a simple story, assigning actions to each character and producing a sequence of events. The human user can adjust the configuration files to change the story.



MaestroGenesis is an interactive evolutionary musical accompaniment generation system. The system allows a user with limited musical expertise to generate pleasing accompaniments. MaestroGenesis generates accompaniments that the user rates, and the evolutionary algorithm evolves new accompaniments based on the user’s feedback.



miCollage is photo collage system that allows a user to control what photos to include in the collage while it automates the editing and layout. miCollage suggests cropping, enhancement, and what photos to add to the collage.

Digital Art, Photography


MutaSynth is an interactive evolutionary music generator. The user listens to sounds generated by the system and chooses their favourites. MutaSynth responds by evolving new sounds based on the user’s preferences.



NEvAr is an interactive evolutionary digital art generator. The user chooses an image that NEvAR uses to generate a new set of images, the user selects which generated images they like the best, and the artwork evolves based on their selection.

Digital Art

Party Quirks

Party Quirks is an improvisional theatre game where a human interacts with digital actors to try to guess their unique ‘party quirk’ (e.g. cowboy, plumber). Using an iPad, the human enters their actions and speech while the virtual actors respond in kind.