Plecto is an interactive evolutionary music system that allows the user to influence the system’s evolution of music. Plecto generates music, and the user selects what sounds they enjoy the most, influencing what new music Pletcto creates next.



PoeTryMe collaborates with a poet. The poet defines a poem template (e.g. sonnet), which dictates the number of stanzas, lines per stanza, and syllables in each line as well as seed words. PoeTryMe then generates a poem inspired by these seed words.



Impro-Visor is a musical notation system that collaborates with a musician to compose music. A musician can use Impro-Visor to notate a solo, while the system can generate accompanying licks of music. Impro-Visor can also provide feedback on the composition by, for example, colouring notes that are dissonant or consonant with the harmony.



LEMu generates transitions between musical scores for live electronic music. The system is designed for non-experts and includes a Morphing Table interface ‘where users manipulate blocks on a large surface to control musical morphing transitions.’



JNetic is an interactive image evolution system. The user chooses a seed image to start the generation process and the system produces a set of new images

Digital Art

Drawing Apprentice

Drawing Apprentice draws with an artist in real time. When the human artist draws, the system responds with its own drawing on the same canvas. The artist can rate the system’s drawings to influence what algorithms are used to generate them. Throughout the drawing process, the artist can control a ‘creativity slider’ that influences how much the system’s drawings deviate from their own.

Digital Art, Painting/Drawing

Drawing System

This system draws simultaneously with a human. Like a ‘virtual pen on a virtual canvas’ the system’s agents respond to the user’s drawing and produces their own drawings on the same canvas. The user cannot directly control the virtual agents, but they can make new agents to add to the artwork.

Digital Art, Painting/Drawing