GAIA is a CAD-like environment where game designers can experiment with designs of game-playing agents. The designer inputs an agent model, and GAIA creates the agent. The designers can observe how the agent interacts in the game world and make adjustments, while the system may alter the agent to ensure it can successfully accomplish its goals and interact with the environment.

Game Design, Storytelling/Narrative


AceTalk is a presentation planning system that brainstorms with users to explore engaging presentation structures and content. AceTalk is a PowerPoint add-in with a virtual assistant that motivates and guides the user through a brainstorming process while also generating slides.



DeepTingle is a text prediction system trained on the works of the fantastic gay erotica author Chunk Tingle. DeepTingle provides text suggestions for every word the user writes, allowing the user to write a story in the style of Chuck Tingle.



LOGTELL is a story generation system that collaborates with a user on writing a plot, creating character dramas, and producing a 3D animation of the story. LOGTELL is comprised of a Plot Manager and a Drama Manager.