Spaceship Generator

This system generates spaceship hulls in order to match a user’s visual taste as well as conform to a number of constraints aimed for playability and game balance. The system generates a set of hulls, which the user rates. The user’s preferences affect the generation of the next set of hulls.

Game Design

Recommender for Game Mechanics

This system recommends to a game designer elements such as sprites and mechanics during the video game development process. Based on what the designer creates, the system provides new suggestions or recommendations that the designer can accept or reject.

Game Design


ReQuest is a plot authoring system. The writer creates a plot using a notecard-like format. ReQuest provides guidance and suggestions on the plot by evaluating character intentionality, event importance, and causality to detect plot and character problems such as dead ends and un-motivated character goals.


The Poetry Machine

The Poetry Machine is a poetry generator. The system prompts a human poet with five images, which they respond to with a line of poetry. The system then organises the lines of poetry into a poem. The human poet can adjust the line spacing, word choice, and title.


Realtime Generation of Harmonic Progressions

This system generates real-time harmonic progressions. The user creates vectors for base line, complexity and tension. The system then generates progressions based on these constraints in realtime, enabling the user to immediately evaluate the results and adjust the constraints.


Sentient World

Sentient World helps video game designers create maps. The designer creates a rough terrain sketch. Sentient World then creates several procedurally generated maps for the designer to choose from. The result is a high resolution map that the designer may then continue to iteratively refine by repeating the process.

Game Design