Stella generates a story based on an ’emotion curve’ selected by a human. The user navigates Stella’s GUI to set constraints on the story, such as the story type (e.g. love, murder), number of characters in the story, the length of the story, and the story’s emotion curve. The emotion curve controls the narrative arc of the story



StyleMachine is a music generator the enables a musician to generate electronic music based on a particular style. The musician selects from a set of predefined styles, and the system generates a complete composition, including drums, percussion, bass, melodies, etc.



TaleBox is a mobile game for creating stories. A group of users collaboratively create a story by arranging story cards. As they build the story, TaleBox generates new cards that give the users new options for advancing the story. TaleBox also evaluates the users’ chosen cards to ensure the story is coherent.



Tanagra uses procedural content generation to assist game designers with 2D level design. The designer ‘sketches’ a level in the editor, while the system continuously generates game geometry.

Game Design

Terrain Sketching

Video game designers can use this sketching interface system to create terrain. The designer draws ‘the silhouette, spine and bounding curves of both extruding (hills and mountains) and embedding landforms (river courses and canyons).’ The system then transforms the sketch into a realistic 3D landscape.

Game Design

Synthetic Audience

Synthetic Audience reads and provides guidance on a narrative plot. The author crafts the story by filling out event templates that include narrative information such as people, places, or objectives. As the author builds the story, the Synthetic Audience analyses the plot and provides feedback.



TopoSketch generates animations. The human artist uploads a photo of a face to TopoSketch. The system’s GUI displays various facial animations, generated by neural networks, in a grid. To create an animation, the user draws a path on the grid, and TopoSketch compiles an animation and creates smooth transitions.

Digital Art, Film/Video/Animation


TrussFab allows users to design sturdy, usable structures (e.g. tables, chairs) from soda bottles. The user inputs the desired shapes, sizes, etc. (or an existing 3D model) and the software applies engineering expertise to optimise the design and ensure it is structurally sound.

Architecture, Industrial and Product Design


‘WritingBuddy helps an author write a story. The author arranges narrative beats and assigns character actions to each beat. WritingBuddy evaluates the actions and returns warnings if the actions are not feasible with the associated beat. Once the author has arranged an action for every beat, they have a narrative outline they can use to write a story.’