Shimon is a robot that plays the marimba alongside a human musician. Using visual cues to anticipate each other’s musical input, Shimon and the musician play an improvised song, responding to each other in real time. Together, Shimon and a human musician can create provisional musical performances.

Music, Theatre/Performance

Party Quirks

Party Quirks is an improvisional theatre game where a human interacts with digital actors to try to guess their unique ‘party quirk’ (e.g. cowboy, plumber). Using an iPad, the human enters their actions and speech while the virtual actors respond in kind.



Clap-along is an interactive system that allows a human musician and the computer to create a rhythmic duet. Both the human and the computer simultaneously play a 4-bar clapping pattern. They negotiate with each other like in an improvised performance, continually responding to the other agent’s music by adjusting their own.

Music, Theatre/Performance


The Continuator is a music generation system that ‘is able to learn and generate music in any style, either in standalone mode, as continuations of musician’s input, or as interactive improvisation back up.’ The musician inputs music, and the system generates new music in the same style.

Music, Theatre/Performance