Chimney is a music generation system that ‘allows the composer to control only the musical material of a piece, leaving its evolution to an algorithmic agent whose decisions are unpredictable.’ Chimney uses a GUI canvas to visualise the interaction between the human’s musical selection and the system’s generated music.



Shimon is a robot that plays the marimba alongside a human musician. Using visual cues to anticipate each other’s musical input, Shimon and the musician play an improvised song, responding to each other in real time. Together, Shimon and a human musician can create provisional musical performances.

Music, Theatre/Performance


The SpeakeSystem plays music with a human musician in an improvised jazz performance. The musician begins by playing (e.g. a saxophone) and the system responds with its own music.



StyleMachine is a music generator the enables a musician to generate electronic music based on a particular style. The musician selects from a set of predefined styles, and the system generates a complete composition, including drums, percussion, bass, melodies, etc.


Realtime Generation of Harmonic Progressions

This system generates real-time harmonic progressions. The user creates vectors for base line, complexity and tension. The system then generates progressions based on these constraints in realtime, enabling the user to immediately evaluate the results and adjust the constraints.



JamBot provides accompaniment for a musician on an improvised musical score. JamBot listens to a musician’s audio stream and plays along with them.



MaestroGenesis is an interactive evolutionary musical accompaniment generation system. The system allows a user with limited musical expertise to generate pleasing accompaniments. MaestroGenesis generates accompaniments that the user rates, and the evolutionary algorithm evolves new accompaniments based on the user’s feedback.



MutaSynth is an interactive evolutionary music generator. The user listens to sounds generated by the system and chooses their favourites. MutaSynth responds by evolving new sounds based on the user’s preferences.



Plecto is an interactive evolutionary music system that allows the user to influence the system’s evolution of music. Plecto generates music, and the user selects what sounds they enjoy the most, influencing what new music Pletcto creates next.