Image-to-image is a system for creating digital images that resemble photographs based on a sketch drawn by a human artist. The user draws a line drawing of a particular object, either a facade, handbag, shoe or cat, and the system converts the drawing into a photorealistic image.

Digital Art, Painting/Drawing


TopoSketch generates animations. The human artist uploads a photo of a face to TopoSketch. The system’s GUI displays various facial animations, generated by neural networks, in a grid. To create an animation, the user draws a path on the grid, and TopoSketch compiles an animation and creates smooth transitions.

Digital Art, Film/Video/Animation


miCollage is photo collage system that allows a user to control what photos to include in the collage while it automates the editing and layout. miCollage suggests cropping, enhancement, and what photos to add to the collage.

Digital Art, Photography


NEvAr is an interactive evolutionary digital art generator. The user chooses an image that NEvAR uses to generate a new set of images, the user selects which generated images they like the best, and the artwork evolves based on their selection.

Digital Art


JNetic is an interactive image evolution system. The user chooses a seed image to start the generation process and the system produces a set of new images

Digital Art

Drawing Apprentice

Drawing Apprentice draws with an artist in real time. When the human artist draws, the system responds with its own drawing on the same canvas. The artist can rate the system’s drawings to influence what algorithms are used to generate them. Throughout the drawing process, the artist can control a ‘creativity slider’ that influences how much the system’s drawings deviate from their own.

Digital Art, Painting/Drawing

Drawing System

This system draws simultaneously with a human. Like a ‘virtual pen on a virtual canvas’ the system’s agents respond to the user’s drawing and produces their own drawings on the same canvas. The user cannot directly control the virtual agents, but they can make new agents to add to the artwork.

Digital Art, Painting/Drawing


ELVIRA is an evolutionary art program that together with a human user generates digital art. ELIVRA generates images, the user selects which ones they prefer and if they’d like the images to be crossbred or mutated, and EVLIRA randomly selects new images from the chosen set to crossbreed or mutate. The cycle continues with the new set of generated images.

Digital Art


Evolver is an interactive evolutionary art tool that helps designers create new designs. The designer provides a seed image that the system then uses to generate a selection of new images. The designer chooses what images they prefer while also setting constraints such as colour scheme, and Evolver uses that information to evolve a new set of images.

Decorative Arts, Digital Art

Filter Trouve

Filter Trouve assists an artist in creating and selecting image filters. The artist first selects what image they’d like to find a filter for. The system generates a set of 24 filters that the user can try out on their image. The user selects the filters they like, and the system generates a new set of 24 filters based on the user’s preferences.

Digital Art, Photography